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BMABA Level 3 Self Defence Trainers Course (PSDT)

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About this course

“Our professional British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) self-defence trainers’ course has been carefully designed to provide a proven business model for those that wish to deliver self-defence to individuals in your exsisting martial arts school or as a second income”.


Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID) is a uniquely different approach to modern self-defence and conflict management through advanced scientific research supported by core principles that have been pressure tested in the real world. The System has been designed by retired members of the UK Armed Forces, provides different levels of competency as a BMABA Personal Security & Self Defence Trainer (PSDT).

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By becoming a RAID Personal Security & Self Defence Trainer (PSDT), you will not only be licensed to deliver this unique system and its gradings to men and women in your designated areas, but also have furthur progressive pathway to becoming a Personal Security & Self Defence Instructor (PSDI) which enables you to deliver to companies and businesses in the future. So if you have ever thought about becoming a self defence trainer, and want to include this syalbus into your exsisting school, then RAID provides you with an exceptional platform.


Anyone can take this course that want to teach others the RAID philosophy and system to create a safer and more confident lifestyle. If you have an existing martial arts school and have want to teach pure applied self defence (as a self defence personal trainer) then the first two days you will complete the 2 Day QNUK Level 2 Self Defence qualification then the final day BMABA top-up will provide all the material and experience to deliver to your martial arts students. 

Aim and purpose of the course

The aim of the course is to take you through the regulated Level 2 RAID Self Defence, and then an intensive 1 day package, that will enable them to not only learn how to deliver the BMABA Level 2 RAID Self Defence Course and RAID Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Grading Sylabus but also pass the assessment qualifying them as a BMABA licensed RAID Trainer.

The qualifications required to become a PSDT are as follows:

  • Completed and Passed the QNUK Level 2 Self Defence Qualification – this is taken on the first 2 days
  • Complete the BMABA Safeguarding Course
  • Complete the BMABA Instructors 1 & 2 course
  • Complete a Level 3 Firstaid qualification

The following will be delivered on the course:

  • The QNUK Level 2 Self Defence Qualification
  • Learn how to deliver the BMABA RAID Self Defence and Grading Syllabus 
  • Understand how to write and apply lesson plans to the RAID System.
  • Understand the 1-2-3 of business and marketing.
  • Learn how to deliver effective but safe scenario replications.
  • Truly understand the finite principals and concepts of the RAID Self Defence & Grading Syllabus.


Successful candidates will receive a British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) Level 3 Trainers qualification. You will then sign the licensee agreement for the courses you will deliver (This means you will become a licensed Trainer under RAID Defence Systems (TRISAT Ltd) and be able to deliver self defence training to individuals or your exsisting classes.


You will have completed the level 2 RAID Self defence program on first 2 days prior to the 1 day trainers course to be eligible to take this exam.


You will be required to become a member of the BMABA under RAID Defence Systems (or under your own school). This is at a reduced cost but will include all the courses and if required your insurance to teach. You will ONLY be eligable to deliver the courses you have been granted (BMABA Level 2 Self Defence & BMABA Close Quarter Combat (RAID-CQC). All other courses are aditional to this certification)

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Course Enrolment

The course cost is £400 per student which includes the QNUK Level 2 RAID Self Defence Qualification and one day instructors qualification course.


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