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Ipswich Self Defence

Ipswich Self Defence

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What RAID Ipswich Self Defence Offers

The Tutors (Laurence & Peter) are qualified as a Defence Tutors (DT), who hold various qualifications. As a RAID Tutor, Laurence & Peter can provide the following courses Only:

knife defence course 

More about our team

Laurence Schofield – A retired Royal Marine Commando of 25 years, Laurence obtained his Krav Maga Black Belt rating in 2016 and now heads up all the Self-defence training for SMART as well as additional self-defence workshops for young persons and ladies. Laurence is currently studying for his Krav Maga 2nd DAN.

self defence tutor

Smart Dojos operate a fun, safe and family friendly training environment with qualified and experienced instructors. All of our instructors are selected for their skill and knowledge and continued training is given to maintain the high standards required at Smart. We are all friendly and have the ethos of making learning fun and enjoyable for our students, of all ages.

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Peter Owen – Holding Black-belts in both Krav Maga and Kickboxing, Peter has over 10 years martial arts experience. Peter has a vast knowledge of these disciplines which he delivers with both humour and authority. Peter spreads his time between Stowmarket and our sister club in Woodbridge, while teaching Krav Maga at the main academy in Ipswich.

self defence tutor

The Blackwell name has become synonymous with martial arts excellence not only in Suffolk but across the UK. From its beginnings in the 1970’s the growth of the Blackwell Academy has continued setting the standards for modern martial arts schools everywhere. The Stowmarket Academy continues the professional approach to martial arts instruction teaching students of all ages and abilities the disciplines of Karate, Kickboxing and Krav Maga. 

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  • Laurence Schofield (DT)

  • Peter Owen (DT)

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