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About RAID Self Defence

Full explanation of the RAID Self Defence System

Welcome to RAID Defence Systems (formerly H2H Defence) and Rapid Action Initiated Defence. Designed by Tremaine Kent , RAID is a uniquely different approach to modern self-defence and conflict management. The system is designed for anyone that wishes to discover personal security and develop realistic self defence concepts for the real world today. The system is not gender, age or physical prowess biased as people of all ages and backgrounds can learn RAID. You can learn the RAID self defence system in 2 intensive days or once a week for 10 months. We don’t have belts or grades, but we do provide the chance to gain a level 3 qualification which is equivalent to an A level, so as well as developing your survivability on the street, we also develop your academic portfolio.

RAID has two main elements of Self Defence:

The “Self” Meaning it is a unified strategic exploration of the ‘Self’, by examining your belief systems and attitude to developing assertiveness, fear management and psychological skills that build confidence from within.

And “Defence” The second element of multifunctional guided ‘Defences’ which are tactical defence concepts simplistic in nature that afford a 3-dimensional and 360 degree defence with limited actions.

The delivery of the RAID self defence system is through 5 modules, known as the 5’D’s of Defence which follows the systematic sequence of a violent confrontation from start to finish.

“Life is not a simulation”

RAID Self Defence 5 D's of Defence Model


Proactive Rational Strategic Concepts (Deterrence – Pre-assault)

Have you wondered why people are victims and others are not? Well the way you present yourself to the world and weather you are security conscious or not has a lot to do with it. Deterrence is the key to the RAID system and you have heard the saying “prevention is better than the cure”. This is the time to be proactive and strategic in your pre-assault training. With the correct specialized training you will gain the correct specialist knowledge to give you confidence, which in turn will show in your physical behavior. This whole module is about personal protection, how to implement security parameters and procedures, whilst at home, work, in the car and out on the street by following a colour coding awareness process. You will learn about your belief systems and how they affect your defensive thinking and views towards life. You will also discover the psychological and physiological affects of fear and how your mind and body reacts to external violent stimulus. Like all foundations this module provides the building blocks for further discovery of personal protection defence.

“Knowledge dispels fear – and provides confidence to empower you”


Reactive Emotional Tactical Concepts (Detection, Defuse & Defend – Assault)

This is the first module of reactive assault training and one that seems to be over looked or not emphasised enough in training. Many individuals that have been in a violent situation seem to forget how it started or what led to their unfortunate attack. In this module you will discover how to detect potential situations, before they take form. You will learn about the types of attacks and attackers so that you know how to recognise them when presented to you. The best way for you to learn this, is to place you in the attackers shoes and get you to study how they choose their victims. You will learn observation and awareness skills which allow you to detect subtle indicators and triggers people show when acting in a certain manner.

“If you have knowledge of violence and you can identify a potential situation by observation and awareness, – you stand a better chance in preventing it”.


Reactive Emotional Tactical Concepts (Detection, Defuse & Defend – Assault)

The second module within reactive assault is defusing or what is known as conflict management. When the situation has escalated and you have not been able to avoid it, a lot of people seem to find it difficult to communicate in a stressful situation and end up making it worse. If you find yourself in this position you will be feeling the effects of emotional adrenalin and physiological change, like accelerated heart & respiration rate, dry mouth, etc. This module is very important and is the choices part of your defence strategy because we provide you with a tactical conflict management process called “STOP” which guides you through a situation step by step. You will learn, active listening and de-escalation skills to enable the reintroduction of rational thought processing so that you can make rational decisions or choices.

“If the attacker will talk – he may present the ability for you to walk”


Reactive Emotional Tactical Concepts (Detection, Defuse & Defend – Assault)

Defence is the last resort and last module within reactive assault, as all attempts to get away have been negated and de-escalation and conflict management skills have failed. In this module you will learn the tactical “COPE” process which allows you to reflexively cope with any physical assault you may encounter. The module is split into understandable segments starting with;

Knowledge Based – The knowledge based elements are understanding about the body and what it can and can’t do and what happens to you when it is attacked. You will also learn the law of self defence and RAID’s use of force process. So that you can protect yourself in court as you did on the street.

Physical Based – The physical based element is split into three; Basic Combat Arts – The first part is to understand what and how your body can protect yourself. Basic combat arts (BCA) will enable you to learn not only different defences but also the pros and cons for each. This also provides body conditioning, fight fitness and assertiveness development. Reasonable Force – The next physical base element is reasonable force, where you will learn, different ranges of defence and most common attack concepts such as breakaway tactics, attitude adjusters, ABC of chokes, sucker punch mentality and many more defence tactics. Force Continuum – The final physical base element will teach you how to defend yourself against improvised weapons defence, edged weapons or knife threat and attack defence, long weapon defence and firearms threat defence tactics.

“Make your natural defence suit you – and not suit your attacker”


Active Emotional Strategic Concepts (Desensitize– Post-assault)

After a confrontation weather mental or physical you will always be affected by the post traumatic effects such as denial or even legal or social consequence. This is the last module within the RAID Cycle and is the post assault phase. During this module you will learn on the scene first aid known as self triage, which helps you to get back your rational thought whilst checking your body for serious wounds. You will also learn courtroom survival strategies so that you can defend yourself in court as you did on the street. You will also discover coping strategies for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This module is again overlooked but it is the only true way of learning from experience positively so that you may make a full recovery.

“Only through acceptance and understanding – will you learn, develop and move forward, with your life”

What's Included

All our course programs provide the following:

  • Fun and friendly atmosphere.
  • Professional Instruction.
  • RAID Manual and Insurance.
  • Improved Awareness and Observation Skills.
  • Defence against today’s Most Common Attacks to Men & Women.
  • Access to the Edged Weapons Defence (The EDGE Awareness Program).
  • Access to the RAIDFIT class to keep you fit and healthy.
  • How to remain legal with the Legal Triangle and Law package.
  • Scenario Replication which helps with confidence and empowerment.
RAID Self Defence