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E.D.G.E. Awareness Instructors Course

InstructorT. Kent

The cost is £110.00

Trisat has designed a scientific knife awareness course to manage the current plight of knife crime in the UK. The threats to individuals and employees are increasing. For employees, the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 – Regulation 8 (2) (Procedures for Serious or Imminent Danger and for Dangerous Areas) stipulate that the employer will, so far as is practicable, require any persons at work who are exposed to serious and imminent danger to be informed of the nature of the hazard and of the protective steps taken or to be taken to protect them from it.

According to the House of Commons paper on knife crime, in the year ending March 2018, there were around 40,100 (selected) offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales. The BBC research report on knife crime details that there were 285 killings by a knife or sharp instrument in the 12 months ending March 2018.

The Edged Weapons Desensitize Guided Environment Awareness Program (E.D.G.E.) has been designed by Tremaine Kent (Trisat Ltd & R.A.I.D. Close Quarter Combat). This course is on a yearly timed release and provides all the information pertinent to the delivery of the course by Licensed Instructors (those that have completed the licensing agreement and that are in good standing).

The practical course will be made up of tutor led discussions, demonstrations and scenario replication (role play), to emphasise the importance of avoidance and awareness to edged weapons as well as knife defence concepts. The content is as follows:

  • The New E.D.G.E. Awareness Program
  • Situational Awareness and Observation Skills of Edged Weapons
  • Today’s Most Common Attacks and Threats from Edged Weapons
  • Knife Fight or Flight Strategies
  • E.D.G.E. Defensive Concepts
  • Self Triage and Emergency First aid (citizenAID)
  • The Legal Triangle and Law in relation to Edged Weapons

As a new instructor you will be provided with this e-learning course to aid you in your delivery.

Course Features

    • Duration: 60 Mins
    • Skill Level: Basic
    • Language: English
    • Mobile Ready: Yes
    • Certification: TRISAT
    • Test or Exam: Yes
    • Delivered by the below:

  • Module 1
    Take the 1 day practical led course and learn how the system is delivered.

  • Module 2
    Let’s get you teaching – here you will take our interactive e-learning course on the following subjects:

    – Course introduction
    – Instructor acceptance
    – Concept videos to help
    – Most common attacks video
    – The E.D.G.E. Stance
    – Reactive defence on the knife attack
    – Retraction on a active stance
    – Leading hand defence of knife attack
    – Destroy the knife attack and anchor
    – Assumption rule and avoidance

    At the end of the e-learning you can take a quick short test.


T. Kent

About Instructor

T. Kent has managed various aspects of security from high risk environments through to complicated technical projects, some of which was gained from a military and corporate perspective.

Mr Kent has served with various units within the military and has carried this experience through to Trisat.

Mr Kent is a member of the Security Institute and holds a BSc in Security Consultancy and a FdA in Protective Security Management, amongst other relevant qualifications.

Mr Kent also has experience within the education and skills sector assisting in writing the National Occupational Standards for Close Protection with Bucks New University. This accolade of experience and qualifications enables Mr Kent to author and develop unique modern courses in personal security, conflict resolution & situational awareness e-learning courses.

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