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Self Defence Testimonials

The following self defence reviews and self defence video testimonials are taken from students that wanted to inform others of the benefits they gained through RAID Defence Systems. We are proud to show what people say about our system and would like to share them with you.

Facebook Reviews

  • Jiri Pribyl Avatar
    Jiri Pribyl

    positive review  Thanks to Tremiane and his RAID system, I had an opportunity to look into a self defense from a unique... read more - 12/30/2013

    Craig Woods Avatar
    Craig Woods

    Did a day course today with Mr kent, AKA real life Jack Bauer... People should look into this man!! - 10/27/2013

  • Tara Haines Avatar
    Tara Haines

    - 9/25/2013

    Martyn Seddon Avatar
    Martyn Seddon

    - 10/01/2013

  • Sarah Johnson Avatar
    Sarah Johnson

    Best thing I ever did signing up for the RAID course-could save my life one day - 9/25/2013

    Daz Norton Avatar
    Daz Norton

    positive review  Very professionally run company by a truly remarkable man Tremaine Kent.
    After over 18 years of Martial Arts and searching for...
    read more
    - 9/26/2013

  • Kevin Moore Avatar
    Kevin Moore

    positive review  Great training at a very professional level,taught with passion and was a real eye opener from day one. - 1/27/2019

    Simon Harwood Avatar
    Simon Harwood

    - 10/01/2013

  • Kimie Skovhus Avatar
    Kimie Skovhus

    - 10/08/2013

    Matt Brown Avatar
    Matt Brown

    positive review  After an altercation left me doubting myself I found Raid. I've tried many martial arts over the years and although... read more - 9/29/2015

  • Teresa Moore Avatar
    Teresa Moore

    Have recently started this raid modern self defence course with my daughter . Absolutely a must for all to take... read more - 3/12/2014

    Brian Hyde Avatar
    Brian Hyde

    - 9/27/2013

  • Daniella Becky McDermott Avatar
    Daniella Becky McDermott

    positive review  This Course is highly recommended - 9/26/2013

    Mark Lennon Avatar
    Mark Lennon

    - 10/01/2013

  • Jo Pattrick Avatar
    Jo Pattrick

    positive review  I initially learnt RAID with Tremaine Kent whilst serving in the military as a practical way of defending myself and... read more - 1/27/2019

    Cameron Bell Avatar
    Cameron Bell

    positive review  Can't wait for next week! Amazing technique which is effective and above great group of people and tutor!! - 1/06/2016

Video Reviews

“I am more aware of situations now and I know how to handle myself. I feel more confident because if I was in a bad situation, I would know how to deal with it.” Star has helped to produce a poster campaign which encourages young people to be aware of their surroundings and stay safe.

Star Kent, Fixers UK

“I came to RAID for a taster session and really enjoyed it. RAID for me has given me confidence and helped with my fitness as i was always over-weight. RAID helps you in situations to protect yourself”

Mark, Traffic Planner

“I came to RAID to get some self confidence and get fitter, RAID has done exactly that, i am fitter and more confident. You need to try this system and get on a course or come to a class.”

Louise, School Teacher

“I came to RAID to boost my confidence and to learn about self defence. I have learnt about the laws and what i can and cannot do as well as boosting my self confidence.”

Steve, Bike Mechanic

“RAID is a different means to protect yourself, i have been doing other martial arts for years and RAID works the best. Ultimately it enables me to protect my family if a situation occurs.”

Richard, Offshore Worker

“As a women and not being very big, in the short time i have been doing RAID i already feel more confident and aware of my surroundings. I recommend it to women to deal with the potential attacks of today.”

Francesca, Teacher

“I came to RAID with experience of other martial arts, i was recommended by a friend. It has developed my self belief and i have been doing it for 3 years now.”

Chris, Apprentice Engineer