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Terrorism Awareness Course

InstructorT. Kent

The cost is £30.00

In today’s modern world there is a constant threat from terrorism, as can be seen from the constant media coverage of incidents around the world, with this in mind it is of major benefit to try to reduce the impact of terrorism to business, employees and the public by creating a security culture and awareness of terrorism. The use of terrorism was once a national or local issue and mostly restricted to within national borders. The terrorist aims were to use violence and fear to force a government to change its position and agree to the terrorists’ demands.

There are now new terrorists and terrorist groups that have no state or national alliance. They have aims that are often very difficult for governments and people to accept or understand and so the violence will continue across borders, continents and around the world. Of concern, is the increasing number of attacks and the level of fear they now achieve through increasing the scale of death and horror and also bringing such fear closer to innocent civilians.

This Terrorism Awareness Short e-learning course has been designed by professionals in-line with government ideas and advice to be informative and of interest to various types of delegates that are concerned, or that provide a duty of care to employees. The course creates an awareness to educate and inform delegates of the history of terrorism, the effects of terrorism and how to deal with terrorism.

Anyone in this position is strongly encouraged to continue with further studies as it is not possible to cover every aspect of terrorism awareness in a short course and, in any event, for many countries there is such an increase in terrorist incidents that keeping updated is a challenge for all of us. You may also want to take the Situational Awareness Course.

Course Features

    • Duration: 25 Mins
    • Skill Level: Basic
    • Language: English
    • Mobile Ready: Yes
    • Certification: TRISAT
    • Test or Exam: Yes
    • Delivered by the below:

  • Module 1
    Welcome to the course – you will be provided a PDF on how to get the most from your course. Then a short introduction video on the subject matter and lastly a short before you begin understanding of your current knowledge.

  • Module 2
    Let’s get started – here you will take our interactive e-learning course on the following subjects:

    – What terrorism is
    – What the National Terrorism Threat Levels mean
    – How to recognise different types of terrorist threat
    – How to stay safe
    – How to prepare for “nightmare scenarios”

    At the end of the e-learning you can take a quick interactive branching scenario to assess your understanding followed by a final short test.

  • Module 3
    Next Steps– here you will be provided with other resources and a recap video explaining the elements of the course that are important. Then finally you will need to complete a quick survey for CPD purposes before you can download your attendance certificate


T. Kent

About Instructor

T. Kent has managed various aspects of security from high risk environments through to complicated technical projects, some of which was gained from a military and corporate perspective.

Mr Kent has served with various units within the military and has carried this experience through to Trisat.

Mr Kent is a member of the Security Institute and holds a BSc in Security Consultancy and a FdA in Protective Security Management, amongst other relevant qualifications.

Mr Kent also has experience within the education and skills sector assisting in writing the National Occupational Standards for Close Protection with Bucks New University. This accolade of experience and qualifications enables Mr Kent to author and develop unique modern courses in personal security, conflict resolution & situational awareness e-learning courses.

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