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Conflict Resolution – Understanding Workplace Conflict

InstructorT. Kent

The cost is £25.00

This is the first course in the conflict resolution suite. In the workplace, as in any area of life, conflict can sometimes arise. In rare cases, conflict results in verbal or even physical violence. This course will help you to understand how conflict situations arise in the workplace, and by the end of this course you will have a better understanding of:

  • What workplace conflict is
  • What conflict resolution is
  • Your legal rights and responsibilities in a conflict situation
  • The difference between a conflict threat and a conflict risk
  • What kinds of threats to watch out for in the workplace
  • How to reduce the risks associated with workplace conflict
  • Some parts of the course overlap with the other two courses to emphasis the relevant points

    Course Features

    • Duration: 15 Mins
    • Skill Level: Basic
    • Language: English
    • Mobile Ready: Yes
    • Certification: TRISAT
    • Test or Exam: Yes
    • Delivered by the below:

    T. Kent

    About Instructor

    Tremaine Kent has managed various aspects of security from high risk environments through to complicated technical projects, some of which was gained from a military and corporate perspective.

    Tremaine has served with various specialist units within the military and has carried this experience through to Trisat.

    Tremaine is a member of the Security Institute and holds a BSc in Security Consultancy and a FdA in Protective Security Management, amongst other relevant qualifications.

    Tremaine also has experience within the education and skills sector assisting in writing the National Occupational Standards for Close Protection with Bucks New University. This accolade of experience and qualifications enables Tremaine to author and develop unique modern courses in personal security, conflict resolution & situational awareness e-learning courses.

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