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BMABA Knife Defence Training Courses (EDGE)

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“Our scientific Edged Weapons, Desensitize, Guided, Environments and Defence (EDGED) program prepares individuals for the ever growing risks from knife (edged weapons) threats or attacks in our modern world”.


Anyone holding a knife has a tremendous advantage over you, assuming you are not armed. But there are conceptual survival knife defence training processes that can help your chances of surviving an attack, and i mean Help, not complete as the variables are so vast thus knife defence classes will help. There is a lot of misinformation on the subject surrounding training due to the lack of real experience. Solid knife defence skills first require a basic understanding of how you get wounded by a knife attack the severity and what is and is not acceptable. Then we look at how the person uses or holds the knife and the type used, because if they repeatedly stab as opposed to slash, a puncture wound can penetrate the flesh and severe and damage internal organs and thus be fatal.

The Level 2 (1Day) E.D.G.E. Knife Defence Training Awareness program stands for Edged Weapons – Desensitised – Guided – Environments. The program is a holistic practical and instinctive look at knife defence. You will be guided through the knife and edged weapons environments from threats to actual attacks with the shock knife, which brings training to life and mimics the essence of reality.


Anyone can take this course that needs an understanding of threats and attacks with knives or edged weapons as to minimize the statistical analysis such as below:

  • 65% of people who carry knives have their weapons used against them (Source 12).
  • 10% of 11-12 year olds and 24% of 15 and 16 year olds said they had carried a weapon in the past year.
  • 29% of young people in London schools admitted that they had carried a knife. This figure rises to 62% among excluded students.
  • One in five 16 year-old boys admitted attacking someone intending to hurt them seriously with a knife.
  • In 2004 more than 20 teenagers died as a result of knife attacks in the UK – that’s almost one teenager every two weeks.

With these statistics you need to learn how to defend yourself against the most common of edged weapons attacks.


The aim of the course is to take those that live or work in environments that knife crime has become a real hazard. Through this 1-day intensive training course anyone can learn to become aware.

The following will be delivered on the course:

  • The New EDGE Awareness Program
  • Awareness and Observation Skills of Edged Weapons
  • Today’s Most Common Attacks and Threats from Edged Weapons
  • Knife Fight or Flight Strategies
  • E.D.G.E. Defensive Concepts
  • Self-Triage and Emergency First aid
  • The Legal Triangle and Law in relation to Edged Weapons


Successful candidates will receive the coveted EDGE Patch and British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) Certificate entitled “E.D.G.E.D. Awareness & Knife Defence”. You will not be eligible to teach this course without the QNUK Level 3 RAID Self-defence Instructors Qualification and Licensee agreement unless you have transferable qualifications.


There are no formal qualifications or experience needed to take this 1 day knife defence training program except a willingness to learn, take part and an open mind to absorb this new information.

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