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Gorleston, Norfolk, NR31 7RA
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Personal Security & Defence Provider
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e-Learning Courses

The UK’s professional, accredited personal security and self defence e-learning platform to provide a safer lifestyle for you and your family. Our courses can be taken anywhere at anytime so that you have access to the information immediately. Our model is based around a “SECURECITY“, this enables you to pick the various courses that meet your needs. Some of the courses are qualification based and we have split our range of courses into three areas please click on any of the courses below to learn more

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  • R.A.I.D. Level 3 Self Defence Online Course - Welcome to the R.A.I.D. Level 3 Self Defence Online course, this modern e-learning course creates an awareness to educate and inform delegates of basic personal...
  • E.D.G.E. Awareness Instructors Course - The Edged Weapons Desensitize Guided Environment Awareness Program (E.D.G.E.) has been designed by Tremaine Kent (Trisat Ltd & R.A.I.D. Close Quarter Combat).  This course is...


  • Conflict Resolution Course - Our conflict resolution e-learning course was designed to meet the needs of the Health and Safety executive (HSE) duty of care to employees. From statistics...
  • Lone Worker Course - Welcome to the Lone Worker Protection course, this e-learning course creates an awareness to educate and inform delegates of lone working and how to become...
  • Travel Security Course - Welcome to the Trisat travel security course. Millions of people, students or aid workers travel every year on business or for pleasure, sometimes to countries...


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