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Personal Security & Defence Programmes

Welcome to the RAID Defence Systems personal security and self defence programmes, below you will find all the categorised programmes we offer to enhance and develop your personal security and defence knowledge. Each programme is scientifically developed specific to the programme category, such as individuals, families, security or military, each programme provides a modern academically and experiential based delivery system. Click on the video or any of the titles to learn more.


  • Womens Self Defence - About women’s self defence “1 out of 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime and 4 out of 5 women who fight back...
  • Mens Self Defence - Self defence classes “Our self-defence classes create confidence that will aid in your safety, but also in your working and personal life. This is achieved...
  • Teen & Family Self Defence - This Page is Undergoing Changes and is under construction
  • Practical Courses - Modern practical personal security, conflict management and self defence courses that build knowledge, which dispels fear and creates confidence to empower you in our real...
  • e-Learning Courses - The UK’s only accredited personal security and self defence e-learning platform to provide a safer lifestyle for you and your family. Our courses can be...
RAID Self Defence