RAID Defence Systems
(Owned by Trisat Ltd)
Beacon Innovation Centre,
Gorleston, Norfolk, NR31 7RA
#1st UK Academic Accredited
Personal Security & Defence Provider
Through our unique Accreditations
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T: +44 (0) 333 577 0899
Opening Times:
Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00hrs

Practical Courses

The RAID Self Defence Courses build knowledge which dispels fear and creates confidence to empower you in our modern world. The Courses are designed to focus on the Pre and Post conflict elements of self defence as well as the physical and they are specifically geared to streets and the real world. Through the analysis of video or statements of violence, RAID provides solutions to avoid through personal security planning and if necessary, de-escalate and defend. Prevention is better than the cure and self defence is 60% psychological, 25% emotional and only 15% physical.


  • IQ Level 3 Self Defence Course - “Our blended learning self-defence training course doesn’t have grades or belts, as we develop your survivability on the street through empowerment and the creation of...
  • IQ Level 3 Self Defence Instructors Courses - “Our professional self-defence instructors’ course has been carefully designed to provide a proven business model for those that wish to deliver personal security and self-defence...
  • Knife Awareness Defence Courses (EDGE) - “Our scientific Edged Weapons, Desensitize, Guided, Environments and Defence (EDGED) program prepares individuals for the ever growing risks from knife (edged weapons) threats or attacks...
  • Level 2 RAIDFit Practitioner - “Our self defence fitness qualification is the first realistic program to stimulate the autonomic nervous system and body’s functions through exercise that replicates the reality...


  • Free 1 Day Conflict Resolution & CitizenAID Course - R.A.I.D Defence Systems (Rapid Action Initiated Defence) through Trisat Staff, has formed to provide community development opportunities founded upon improving situational awareness, community safety, and...