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Cambridge Self Defence

Cambridge Self Defence (RAID)

Cambridge Self Defence (RAID) was founded in January 2019 and began its journey delivering the L3 self-defence course within the local community with a particular focus on working with sixth form students to help prepare them for the challenges faced when moving to University or travelling during their GAP year.

Since then, Cambridge Self Defence (RAID) have formed partnerships with a local sixth form college, as well as a security company serving the local community, to deliver a variety of RAID programmes in the local area.

Cambridge Self Defence (RAID) are committed to working within the local community to deliver self-defence and conflict management training to those who want to learn a self-defence system designed for the modern world.

What RAID Cambridge Self Defence Offers

The Trainers (Jo & Craig) are qualified as a Personal Security & Defence Trainers (PSDT), who are working towards being qualified Coaches. They both hold various qualifications. As RAID Trainers both Jo & Craig can provide the following classes & courses Only:

Self Defence Classes Self Defence Courses

More about our team

Jo Pattrick – Jo is one of the first external female RAID Self Defence instructors to be licensed and qualified to teach the Level 3 syllabus. As a qualified Secondary School Teacher and First Aid Trainer, she has the experience and motivation for helping women develop defence skills.

self defence trainer

As an outdoor enthusiast, Jo works with young people and adults to deliver expeditions in the outdoors focusing on developing individuals’ character and resilience in a variety of challenging environments. This year, Jo will begin her own challenge by beginning her master’s degree in Outdoor Education.

Craig John – Craig is a professional instructor with real world military experience within hostile environments. Within his military role, Craig has used the RAID self-defence system and conflict management training in a wide variety of different situations around the world.

self defence trainer

As a qualified Mountain Leader, Craig enjoys working with young people and adults to develop their confidence, character and resilience when pursuing personal challenges in the local countryside and UK National Parks. Craig is an accomplished hill walker and navigator who is dedicated to working alongside individuals to help them to achieve their personal goals.


  • Jo Pattrick (PSDT)

  • Craig John (PSDT)

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