New Achievers in Self Defence

15 January 2018

It has been more than 11 months of hard training and commitment in building self-reliance and esteem for the 6 ladies that have just completed their Level 3 RAID Self Defence qualification in Gorleston at the balckbelt academy on Suffolk road. This is the first level 3 qualification (equivalent to ‘A’ Level) of its kind in Norfolk which has been designed by local author Tremaine Kent.

With the rise of physical and sexual attacks in the local area the need for realistic defence and awareness concepts has never been so paramount, thus the ladies have completed a detailed level of instruction covering the Rapid Action Initiated Defence (RAID) system which is a uniquely different approach to modern self-defence and conflict management. The System has been designed by retired members of the UK Elite Special Forces, which has become one of the fastest taught and learnt systems today by both Military and Civilian sectors. This unique system has been designed to follow a systematic 5 step process, which you can learn and retain in such a short space of time. The RAID system has been created to give you a balanced recipe, to successfully defend yourself and provide heightened confidence in dealing with violent confrontations. RAID is unbiased of gender, age, ability or physical stature. The RAID system is designed for anyone that wishes to discover personal security and develop realistic self-defence concepts for the real world today. So as well as developing your survivability on the street, we also develop your academic portfolio as this course is a recognised Level 3 Qualification.

If you are interested in trying our self-defence to get fit and develop confidence on the streets of today then contact Tremaine on 07795483881 or